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This is the home page for the Vocabulary Work Group. Vocab is a pilot work group for the functions being developed as part of the JIRACon Project. In this environment, attendance logs, meeting agendas and notes, and other work group functions are enabled to assist the work group participants in developing standards as well as necessary housekeeping functions for standards development organizations. Use JIRA to document issues, change requests, questions, and comments for documentation and resolution. We welcome your feedback, please click here to add suggestions for the HL7 technical team and/or the Vocabulary Work Group

To request a Confluence account, please navigate to the HL7 main page or follow this link

Current projects and meeting information can be found below. Additionally, the Vocabulary Zulip stream may be used to further conversations pertinent to the vocabulary work group. To view the Vocabulary Zulip stream, click here


To identify, organize and maintain coded vocabulary terms used in HL7 information structures, provide clear documented guidelines on the principles of vocabulary content and structure to support the retention of meaning over time, and to maintain the HL7 Vocabulary Model and guidance of the use of Vocabulary in HL7 Standards.

Vocabulary Maintenance at HL7

Vocabulary Maintenance at HL7 after Q2 2020 will be done through the new Unified Terminology Governance (UTG) process.  The detailed information for user on-boarding, harmonization tools and workflow processes, and education an documentation materials can be found HERE.

HL7 Terminology Authority (HTA)

The HL7 Terminology Authority is responsible for the creation, implementation, and management of HL7 processes involving external terminology management. The activities of the HTA are intended to complement maintenance of terminology that is used by HL7 protocol specifications.  HTA works through the TSC to implement processes or polices that impact Working Groups. To contact the HTA, see additional details on their Confluence page.

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