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Early investigation of alternatives for HL7 Vocabulary (and potentially organisational) glossary management are being undertaken. Initial review of the SKMT ( international standards project is being undertaken to consider the functionality offered there.To achieve a single, harmonised glossary for HL7, where each term has ONE accepted definition in HL7.

Initial work undertaken and HL7 Vocabulary WG Glossary established

Current Activity and Status

  • HL7 total glossary
  • Retiring Green Book
  • Procedures for WGs to follow.
  • Publication

Glossary Issues and status post VSD load


Updated Vocabulary glossary control sheet after VSD loading:     

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nameGlossary Review Process.docx

... the location of International Standards Glossary  



HL7 Vocabulary content is in the document HL7 Vocabulary Glossary.


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nameTutorial Glossary Management V0.6.pptx