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Introductions, Agenda ReviewWayne 
15minIHE Connectathon FeedbackAll 

The IHE Connectathon didn't formally test anything directly relevant to this.

There was testing of the STC platform; cancer forms are available but weren't tested.

There was also work at the Plugathon exploring blockchain, IAT, etc., but they didn't get to staging directly. This could be pursued at next Plugathon at April IHE Connectathon. The plugathon is a new forum for testing new advanced technologies combining education and partnering on code development. This is a 2-day event held in middle of connectathon week. Can inform standards work.

10minStoryboard/use caseRichard, Steve

NCCN has retracted their offer; CIC had a cancer storyboard. Richard still chasing.

John Donnelly reminded us of the HIMSS cancer story.

Cancer interoperability group beginning to define models beginning tomorrow.

Profiling track at FHIR connectathon can be leveraged to populate models.

15minFHIR Connectathon plans  

Profiling track is addressing staging, but not incorporating imaging or devices. Ontario cancer care may have inputs to stories.

MD Anderson Cancer Algorithms:

MD Anderson has some stories as well. MD Anderson Cancer Algorithms:


Upcoming goals: Gazelle with FHIR;

IHE use of FHIR Terminology services & Tooling

IHE use of FHIR IG Publisher

Plan for a white paper/publication in Summer.


Steve Moore from UWash will have a running instance of Gazelle at FHIR Connectathon.

John Moehrke and Jose Texeira looking into IG Publisher



Ted Klein is making progress on the Unified Terminology Governance system which should be

available late in 2018.

Mitre has done great work on defining breast cancer data elements. It's possible by May that the Cancer group may have a set of models. Penrad plans to deliver an implementation of these models.


5minPlans for upcoming meetings/next stepsWayne Will target meetings every 2 weeks, beginning Feb. 13

Action items

  •  Chris Carr to contact Sandy Vance to announce Steve Moore ability to demo Gazelle.
  •  Chris Carr to talk to John Moehrke and Ted Klein on terminology.