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John Rhoads, Todd Cooper, Dixon Yu, Stefan Karl, Joe Quinn, Ali, Martin Rosner, Joe Quinn, Sungkee Lee, Ana Kostadinovska, Koi Matsumoto, Michael Faughn, Brian Reinhold, Joerg-Uwe Meyer

NOTE:  28 callers  registered in FCC, numerous were anonymous or only had phone number 

Proposed Agenda

  1. General Updates:   IHE NA PAT 18 recap, FHIR CAT in NOLA, etc.
    • Todd & John R. provided an overview of the event
    • John R. will be at the NOLA FHIR CAT and will be available to help and collaborate; there will also be close working with Furore for tooling advise
  2. PHD / PoCD ballot comment triage and prioritization
    • Group reviewed the general ballot results for the PHD and PoCD Implementation Guides
    • Intent is to prioritize and review and (hopefully) resolve in NOLA on Wednesday
  3. NOLA agenda review & time allocation
    • Group reviewed version 0.5 of the agenda (posted to the DEV WG web site)
    • ACTION( TC ) review the OO agenda especially for Q1 Tuesday to see if DEV WG representation should be present
    • NOLA attendees from this call include Ken Fuchs, Paul Schluter, John Rhoads, John Garguilo, Martin Rosner, Asim Muhammad
  4. Deferred to NOLAHarmonization of PoCD & PHD FHIR Resource model usage (mapping from DIM)
  5. Observation Vital Signs Profile Updates to support early non-aligned reporting (e.g., from a simple gateway - PHG)
    • Ballot comments were submitted suggesting simple wording changes for the simple use cases where conformance is hard, such as a Personal Health Gateway (PHG) 
  6. "MDC11073" Page

    • Objective:  Provide the best FHIR-conformant approach for integrating 11073 terminology usage; the topics below are specific topics that need to be addressed 
      • These can be discussed and resolved in NOLA ... 
    • How should "provisional" terms be supported in FHIR terminology ecosystem?
      • For example, terms that do not have a Term Code assigned
      • Where is the representation formalized? 
        • Proposal:  Include an informational page on this topic in the RTMMS tool
        • Include discussion of synonyms / alias, zombie terms, color coding, etc. etc. etc.
        • TERM PROCESS STATUS indicator should be added 
        • NOTE:  A ballot comment was submitted for the PoCD IG to this point
      • How can FHIR implementers recognize the difference between final and in-process terms?
        • Can the "term process status" be represented in FHIR terminology coding?
        • How will value sets with mixed status terms be supported?
      • ACTION( Paul S.) Draft discussion slides for NOLA discussion
    • Discriminators?
    • How will Co-Constraints be represented in FHIR constructs?
    • RTMMS interface?
      • Will support a service call to download the set of MDC_ terms that could be updated daily or weekly
      • Question is how to access specific specific sets of terms per process status etc.
    • Coding System URL (vs. URN) Ballot Comment
    • Additional near term page edit updates?