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  • Discuss potential leads
  • Review draft story line
  • Set plans for January


Introductions and UpdatesWayne
  • 9 participants, all US-based.
10 min

January Meeting Plans


IHE Connectathon - week of Jan. 15 - a few profiles; Cancer Registry, CDAs, FHIR testing with QEDM profile using FHIR STU3. PRPH-Ca profile using CDAR.

Also can explore related new technologies at IHE Plugathon.

FHIR Connectathon track - Automated profiling from domain models. SDC. One on Imaging can accept cancer staging content. Opportunity to do a mini-example,

take it thru profiles, and see how it can be advanced through each track.

Interop Showcase Cancer scenario will be tested.

 Storyline status & review  

Group is working toward consensus; some tension between those who want to move to FHIR and those who

want to use SDC and CDEs; trying to build comfort level with FHIR. Working to combine the various threads using Mitre tooling.

Need to show how to preserve forms and CDEs under FHIR. Aligns with CIMI. NCI cancer and registries are key stakeholders.

Reached agreement that first thing to do is to model data elements for cancer staging. IP ownership is still a challenge. Underlying models are going to be

shared among medical specialties. Staging describes diagnosis through treatment and post treatment.

With IHE, there's profile testing and readiness for Interop Showcase.

We can schedule meetings in early January, mid-January and early Feb. to prepare for an intermediate status update at HIMSS. Also an opportunity at ASCO.

Richard has a call this week with IHE participants.

Need to keep focused on a scope that's realistically doable in the timeframe.

 Potential Leads Richard will ask David from Cancer Care Ontario. Tone, John Moehrke and Chris interested.
 IHE and HL7 

Relative Roles of IHE and HL7. Both organizations have complementary roles. FHIR IG specifications are balloted through HL7, but IHE profiles will likely address

projects that involve multiple components that exist outside of HL7. Also want to leverage IHE testing. Ultimate goal is to show that working together can accomplish more

toward achieving interoperability.

CIIC is closely aligned with CIMI.

 Next steps 

Wayne to schedule 3 meetings (Jan. 3-9; Jan. 22-25, Feb. 6-13 windows)

Richard to share storyline and contact David,


 Closing Happy holidays to all.

Action items

  •  Richard Esmond an John Donnelly to reach out to IHE track leads.