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Todd Cooper

Ken Fuchs

Stefan Karl

John Rhoads


  1. IG => Ballot Simplifier Tool
    • Reviewed Michel's e-mail and responded
    • See e-mail copy below ...
  2. 11073MDC Page
    • See source draft HERE
    • JR has updated / edited
    • Process:
      • Finalize baseline content (for both PHD & PoCD)
      • Create a tracker CR for this & attach draft
        • Include "11073mdc" draft content
        • Include link to terminology page from HERE
      • Create a tracker CR for RTMMS link from HERE
        • + "10201" => "10101"
        • + "CODE10"=> "CF_CODE10"  (verify)
      • Wait for thumbs up
      • Commit to Build
    • Timing:  JR will try to submit by COB Tuesday 
  3. Observation Vital Signs Profile Update
    • Waiting for response from Rob on "minimal" update to Profile; 
    • ACTION( TC ) Ask again for proposed change and who will craft CR 
    • NOTE:  Code Systems page in IG currently indicates that UCUM is used instead of 11073 UoM due to the general requirements for UCUM (e.g., per this VS Profile)
  4. PoCD IG Review & Planning
    • & GitHub posting
      • JR:  Not clear what workflow is intended by Grahame
        • G put a simple file to be displayed on page 
        • JR will expand w/ contact info, use of the URL, etc.
      • Canonical ref's pulled out of Simplifier ...
      • JR will send "pull" request to Grahame who will then reply, effect or give control to JR to complete workflow
      • NOTE:  SK sent Grahame GitHub ID (stefan-karl); TC will do the same
    • SK:  Updated Profiles and Terminology sections - no major 
  5. Action Items Review
    • Deferred - out of time
  6. Schedule through week & 2017
    • IG Team:  Pencil for Friday at 06:30 - 07:30 Pacific
    • DoF & DEV:  Call this week is last for the year; ACTION( TC ) Send out cancellation notice for subsequent two weeks