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Wiki, Zulip, Mail List now available.

 Project Storyline 

What are we trying to achieve? Why does it matter?

Keith notes there is a Cancer topic at Interop Showcase. There is also an IHE and proposed cancer track for the FHIR Jan. Connectathon.

Richard: HL7 Cancer Interoperability group best suited to pursue. Profiles to describe disease characteristics. There are some existing structures that can be used (NAACCR). They have the people and motivation.

John: Staging was offered as a term, but wasn't really defined.

Keith: Could generalize to "Cancer care" with staging an aspect of that.  Focus on goals rather than content. What can we leverage that's in flight already?

Wayne: We want to do something realistically doable, but important that builds excitement in the community.

Use an existing QEDM profile (observations) to gather information relevant to a cancer use case.

Chris: Could approach from imaging and pathology angles, perhaps reporting to a cancer registry. Bring in SMART-on-FHIR (as in Sync4Science). Richard Muldwin is an expert we can consult.

 Project Team Who can lead? contribute? Wayne will resend list of communication links - need to reach out to people mentioned on the call.
 Critical Steps 
•HL7 PSS - CIMI is sponsoring a breast cancer interoperability project. HSI is another option.
•Fitting within January Connectathon tracks - will IHE Track at FHIR Connectathon fit into this? Should we create a new track for this? Discuss at next call.
•What to show at HIMSS
•Where we want to be by Summer 2018
 Next meeting Wayne will set up a call before Christmas holidays.


  •  Richard:  Provide a list of relevant references
  •  Richard:  Identify a participant from the Cancer Interoperability group to take a first swipe of a storyline document as a Google doc.   Goal to get something up by Dec. 8.
  •  Chris:  Provide input on registries.  Contact IHE Europe.
  •  Keith:  Create a draft PSS
  •  Wayne Kubick - resend info on communication links to new participants.