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Connectathon update

Working on Connectathon measures: 165 (blood pressure), 130 (Colorectal Cancer Screening), 124, 125, VTE1

  • Will have a specific test patient for the numerator and the denominator for those
  • Suggestion to add 104 (Stroke-2)
    • Concentrating on R4
  • Packages will be available for each of the measures to load them in
  • Process for updates to CQL can quickly be loaded into test environments for quicker turnaround times
  • 11am ET Tuesday, August 20th - Connectathon Orientation for Clinical Reasoning Track

Next Version of DEQM Implementation Guide
  • Want to do another version of DEQM IG for next ballot cycle
    • Updates to QICore for R4
      • Cleanup - pointed to HEDIS profiles - point to QI Core or US Core instead
      • Update exemplars for R4 - VTE changaed significantly from V3
    • New scenarios/examples
      • BP measure CMS 165 STU3/4 - components in an observation
        • Only have STU3 version
        Others?- FHIR core vital signs
        • Version we have is STU3 CQL, checking with Anne to see if we can update in time for Connectathon
      • Proposed
        • Diabetic Retinopathy (CMS 142 v8)?
          • Linda Michaelsen to reach out to NCQA to see if they can join next call to determine which one to use 
        • Principal Diagnosis/Procedure - CMS 104 - CMS 108 VTE is already in there with same (the whole concept of Principal vs. Primary vs. Admitting is up in the air and being discussed at Plenary Tuesday Q4 - CQI Joint Call)
      • Medication at discharge not done? Not decided yet how to do it - discussion at WGM - new Resource Medication and challenging issue
    • Bulk FHIR - guidance on how to use (from Connectathon)
    • Subscription changes from Argonaut?
      • Probably not with this IG since it is FHIR R5
    • Change mangement for measure - will we update the measures in our IG as exemplars every year when the new measure comes out?
  • Reference Implementations? R4
    • Will we update existing ones to R4?
    • Will we create them for all exemplars in the guide?
    • We likely don't have one for Connectathon for BP but Bryn has test data

Next agendaAdditional measures as exemplars
Adjourned at 3:45pm ET