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Agenda ReviewLC

Roll CallLC
  •  Wayne Kubick
  •  David Johnson
  •  Lorraine Constable
  •  Tony Julian
  •  Lloyd McKenzie
  •  Ted Klein
  •  Jean Duteau
  •  Josh Procious
  •  Marc Duteau
  •  Andrew Statler
  •  Dave Hamill
  •   Jessica Snell
  •  Patrick Loyd
Announcements / AdministrationLC

Next Call? Aug 28th

Webmaster's ReportDJno update - DJ returns Monday
Ballot ProjectLM/JD
  • Jira testing will be done this week - first 2 rounds of testing mostly complete
  • Have a browser issue that is repeatable in Chrome and Firefox
  • upgraded Jira and dev site broke - a critical security patch was applied
  • Component accessor for the Groovy scripts was affected
  • need to complete remaining scripts
  • mismatch between documentation for administration functions - changed the documentation to match
  • about 1/3 of the scripts left
  • Need to consider timing of rollout
  • Discuss with TSC when the cutover should occur - announce in Atlanta
  • May need a step back to plan the Jira ballot development
STU Comment Jira MigrationAS
  • Jean reached out to Andrew - no response over the summer
JIRACon ProjectLC/JP
  • PSS workflow - waiting for TSC approval on the adjusted workflow. Technical fixes have been applied to the form
  • Ken McCaslin will review the workflow and the pss form
  • Patrick was mocking up precepts for SGB - need to finish up and turn over to Ann
UTG ProjectTK
  • Alpha testing for proposal creation and submission process - lots of challenges with Jira, GitHub, Bitbucket and Sourcetree. Some are real problems, others caused by the fact that these are developer tools but can be confusing for proposal submitters who are not developers
  • working with Josh on simplifying process - may need a Jira developer to assist with programming functions
  • One item that is needed for testing is dependent on Grahame's time  for the browser page rendering of the proposed changes. Reviewers will use diff in Sourcetree.
  • concerns about the fragility of the combination of system components. Last update derailed testing as it broke the system
  • For the WGM, have demo in Q5. Outstanding items such as unifying versioning schemes and lifecycles across product families - major item for discussion in Atlanta 
  • Primary focus has been on external workflow - just beginning internal workflow and governance items. Targeting another round of testing in the fall. Jan/Feb WGM targets decision regarding when to go live.
  • May have some items for HTA, nothing pressing for SGB
Other projectsWK/JP

Co-chair Handbook:

  • On Ken's plate for review
  • Need to review TSC resources web page, other wiki page - focus on gaps and items to fill in, as well as updates.
15:48 ET