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  • need guidance on how to represent/differentiate between entries where
    • a medication a patient is taking based upon the recommendation of a prescriber (or someone else)
    • a medication a patient is taking because they decided to
  • also consider prior discussion on Medication Profile from the wiki
  • CDA documents to communicate medication lists
  • Germany also has a medication list given to patient to describe how to take medication (for links see comment section on this page: Contexts)
  • a prescription
  • a prescription from an another/external system
  • how to represent OTCs that are prescribed
    • MedicationUsage when the patient just buys it, if it is document in the system
    • MedicationRequest when a "prescription" exists - electronic of otherwise
    • MedicationUsage 

Next steps

  •  Scott M. Robertson to obtain/embed link for Francois Macary's document
  •  draft PSS
  •  draft IG proposal