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2019-05-28 CBCP Meeting Agenda/Minutes (Copy)

VOTE: (motion) : CraigN / Suzanne

Abstain: none/ Opposed: none/  Approve: 9


June 13 - Thursday 1:30-2:30 ET eLTSS bi-Monthly report out

Please contact Johnathan Coleman or Becky Angeles for more information and meeting link!

 information sent to group list with meeting information (contact Becky Angeles to be added)
latest happenings
ballot update
eLTSS FHIR IG Project - Becky, Johnathan

CP#22038 - Flag elements just  support eLTSS

Rick Geimer - suggestion show (

  • Note "must support" means if code is present, it must be dealt with (not that a code must be present)
  • recommend: Persuasive
    • Make changes as suggested plus 
      • Observation.code.code and observation.value[x]
      • (additional information as listed in CP resolution)

VOTE:  Motion approve as recommended - Becky/GregW; abstain: none; against: none; approve: 10



need to reopen or change; change wording to be "patient Identifier Tye includes Medicaid Number and Social Security Number (Dave has not yet made this change as it would be in error)

  • request to extend statement to add LOINC numbers
    • MEDICAID 49400-9
    • SSN# 45396-9
  • David will update accordingly

REVOTE: Not Persuasive with MOD

MOTION (Johnathan / CraigN) update as discussed

Abstain: none; Opposed: none; Approve: 10

DaveP will compile the CPs for eLTSS and send to Johnathan/Becky

Liora - needs to withdraw negative vote/needs to withdraw (rick has agreed to disposition)

gForge Link:

IG Home Page:

May Ballot Link:

CBCP FHIR Consent CPs - DavidP
  • Meeting with BRR to go over the basic use case of FHIR Consent Use case
  • DaveP will be working with Hugh, BRR and PC Research team for "Care Team" concepts
    • Information sharing can be simplified for research team
    • assume if we have agreement to share information - xxx 'same form'
    • Kathleen has examples (will send to DaveP)
    • biological material sharing; specimen resource (that came in R4); research scope code–for sharing biological material...administrative
  • BRR is in the midst of talking NIRB; 
  • Dave will write up the information and present as a CR to the Consent Resource to create the extension ; will continue to work with BRR; 
    • will loop in Kathleen on correspondence

DS4P Ballot Reconciliation - Johnathan

Emma agreed to withdraw negative on the ballot site (confirmed by GregW)



Kathleen will complete PSS and bring forward  for CBCP WG vote

Recommendation on updates: " spell out acronyms"

MOTION: As written, with recommendation of spelling out acronyms (Kathleen/Suzanne)

no further discussion

Vote: abstain: none; objections: none; approve: 10

Provenance - Mike Davis

All of the lifecycle events have been redone (we understand them better)

  • W3C linking; lifecycle/linking only occurs in W3C Provenance Ontology, but it does explain how it works, based on that Mike has revised the diagrams–they do follow a nice model

(showing RESTORE slide example)

Pattern is the same throughout with one exception (originate)

Originate in the original lifecycle is originate/retain (local); originally it was generated 'out of air' 

  • Activity Diagrams - DRAFT Visio 
    • Discussion of swim lanes

Please direct any questions to Mike Davis

(add latest PPT)

 Remaining agenda items to be tabled to next meeting (Suzanne/Mike)
Meeting adjorned at 1002 Arizona Time

 Temporary Meeting Recording:

View file

NPRM Comments - Kathleen

HL7 Response Letter ONC 21st Century Cures Act v05.27.19 presented by Kathleen - DISCUSSION

LINKS to Documents: 

from 5/28 meeting ---

Is security looking at the TEFCA doc as well? Kathleen will be tackling that as well and will bring forward to the WGs; if there are any specific concerns, Kathleen will take a look

  • security labeling at the document level; (ONC proposed rule wants to move away from per CraigN) "this is different than ONC..." it may be something where we introduce baby steps.

still refining the comments, they have not gone to the Board as of yet; extention of comment dates to June 3

(see links in Security WG Meeting Minutes)

September 2019 WGM
Additional Agenda Items

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at Arizona Time: Temporary Meeting Recording: