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  1. FHIR Connectathon
    1. Participation
    2. Tutorial materials - general orientation to device modeling, use cases for device data in FHIR
    3. "Hands-on" material for learners
      1. PHD
      2. PoCD
  2. PoCD Implementation Guide
    1. Incorporating additional material that didn't get from Simplifier version to IG Publisher version
    2. V2 to FHIR mapping
    3. New material


Stefan Karl, John Rhoads (notes)


Stefan Karl received approval for attending September Atlanta FHIR Connectathon and Work Group Meeting

SK on vacation from next week till end of August

Refer to recent Zulip conversation - Lloyd believes Observation resource sufficient for this purpose. Our consensus is that the uses and data flows for device alerts are quite different. 

Set up discussion times with O&O and FMG at Work Group meetings