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xHL7 Organization Support Co-Chair/ Process Improvement
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Michael van der Zel

xBrian Pech

Richard Haddorff
xFreida Hall

James Agnew

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Project Services(Freida) 

Project Services WG has not met since June 20; next meeting July 18.  We have updates for Co-chair Handbook, entered as comments which Joshua Procious moved to a Jira Project Services project.  Primary comments are regarding the Project Management section of the Handbook. 

Reviewing Standards Governance Board (SGB) comments on Project Life Cycle for Product Development (PLCPD).

Other items reported June 17 call are still pending; we are still trying to meet with Tony Julian re: ARB questions re: project management and managing “project concept”.  

EST(Brian)Had call with Ted on UTG project - in testing phase.  Most of infrastructure has been set up - HL7 curated github and person will move to Jira bit bucket.  Goal - to have harmonization on continuous basis by Fall 2020.  Website is being improved - standards grid being updated, left navigation removed, standards news feed, updating events page.  Plan to move website to cloud.  Waiting for feedback from Austin on PSS process.

Publishing(Brian) Looks like 2.9 has passed.  Merger with EST - still need mission and charter done.  With V2+ primary publication is web based - could also generate pdf if wanted.  FHIR related IGs are coming through and need to be published.  Lynn and consultant being by Wayne will be helping Grahame with publisher tool.

FHIR Mgmt Group(Brian) Request to withdraw FHIR R1, several PSSs being reviewed.  Davinci one needs more connectathon experience.  Looking at additional tracks on connectathon.  Target for R5 is 2021.

PIC(Sandy) PIC has had trouble meeting due to conflicts.  Working on co-chair handbook.  Will be meeting it Atlanta.  Good feedback on PIC newsletter.

Education(Virginia)  FHIR intermediate being developed by Diego and Fernando.  ONC FHIR training materials for federal workers being developed - plan to use for other purposes.  Call for nominations went out for EAC composition (new EAC 2020).  Discussing collaboration with outside education vendors and credentialing.
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