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Weekly updates will be posted to this page to give a high level overview of the UTG project with current priorities and risks


General status and progress updates: 

  • Tested core MIF generation
    • No new issues detected, corrected issues being verified
    • The MIF is valid and loads into RoseTree
  • All hands on deck to prepare for summer alpha testing that will follow Harmonization in late July
    • Documentation efforts in progress   
    • Riki Merrick, Sheila Abner, Kathleen Connor, Rob Hausam, and Joel Francis have agreed to test
  • It was decided that the submission workflow should integrate with GitHub 
    • The team will be touching base early next week to continue initial testing efforts
  • The CDA/Trifolia content provided by the CDA Management Group is still not clean
    • Ted is going through the content by hand and determining what is valid/not valid and will return the information to the CDA Management Group

Immediate Priorities:

  • Continue prep for summer alpha testing
    • Setup testers in JIRA
    • Ensure documentation is complete (many updates required with decision to use GitHub with workflow)
    • Complete testing scripts
  • Complete and test GitHub integration with JIRA via BitBucket
  • Create verbiage and documentation for rendered pages
  • Update manifests and document purpose of each manifest
  • Update CDA/Trifolia content based on newly acquired list


  • IG Publisher is dependent on Grahame who is away through the end of July


General status and progress updates: