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Meeting Minutes from Discussion

Decision Link(if not child)
Management Minutes ApprovalMinutes not discussed.Decide which candidate to support for Infrastructure Steering Division Co-chair  (Brian Pech or Rob MCLure)Motion to support Brian Pech .  Moved by BPech/LConstable

Vote 3--0-0. (Brian Pech recused himself from voting.)

Request from SOA for ITS to co-sponsor (PSS 1436) - Health Services Platform Marketplace to go to ballot in the Sept. 2019 cycle as an STU artifact

Reviewed new materials added since this artifact went to ballot in the Jan. 2019 cycle with informative status. The material can be found at:

The major addition was a new section discussing Digital Rights Management.

Brian chairing at this point. Paul had already expressed his support of ITS co-sponsoring this artifact.

Motion to approve: LConstable/SeanMuir.

Bryn had left.

Call the question: approved 3-0-0. (counting Paul's vote.)

 Adjourned at 14:25 EDT