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  • Dennis Tribble's Project
  • Pharmacy Benefit Check
    • PSS for CARIN Consumer-facing Real-time Pharmacy Benefit Check PSS
    • NCPDP working on a transaction that is a real time pharmacy benefit check - physician through EHR can get more information from payer
      • have formulary and benefit information today - but it is static and may not have enough information
      • new transaction allows pinging of a payer - patient facing benefit check - price information (price to the patient/out of pocket cost) and alternative drugs
      • patient gets prescribed a medication - through an app - can check their own benefit information
    • being done under CAIRN Alliance - want to develop an API - do a FHIR transaction also under NCPDP
    • What resources will be profiled? unsure
    • How does this fit with the daVinci project?
      • Related to CMS rule - requires payers to have at least 1 real time benefit tool 
      • daVinci - deals with provision of formulary information - project will be providing full formulary 
        • but this is not the use case that is defined in the daVinci Formulary project
      • There is overlap between the daVinci, but this is not patient specific in scope at this point
      • The Cairn project is patient-specific
    • Pooja will discuss further with Bob and Jocelyn (daVinci) - to understand scope and overlap
      • Since the daVinci IG is owned by Pharmacy - believe the Project should be sponsored by Pharmacy WG instead of Financial Management
      • should link the two IGs together
    • Needs further clarification before we agree to sponsor - Pooja will come back to Pharmacy WG on next weeks call

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