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Key Provenance Elements

Brett Marquard reviewed three key data items (Author, Author Organization, and Timestamp) and discussed specific elements.

Author: Name and Identifier (Required). Additional identifiers, e.g., NPI (optional).

Author organization: Name (Required). Since a patient can be author, tax ID and NPI are recommend, but not required. 

Timestamp: date and time with timezone offset.

Review Proposed C-CDA design

Brett reviewed and annotated the draft Provenance - Author Participation template, which is consistent with the CDA author participation template. Discussion focused on required versus optional information, applicability of "UNK" entries and nullFlavor. He made real-time updates based on group discussion (attached). An Informative Guide includes rationale behind decisions. A companion guide is a practical reference to explain guidance without background and theory. The SG WG deliverable is implementation guidance for C-CDA and FHIR. Brett will also create a profile for Argonaut and socialize with this community.  

Discuss plan for FHIR design

Brett will get on the agenda for the FHIR security call tomorrow (June 18).

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