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Attendees:    Stephen Chu, Laura Heerman, Laura Bright, Emma Jones, Jay Lyle, Casey Thompson, Lynne Perrine, Michael Padula, George Dixon,  Susan Matney, 

Host:  Stephen Chu (Chair) Jay Lyle 

Scribe:  George Dixon


  • PSS - Podiatry Wound Assessment FHIR Profiles  proposed Balloting in Jan - Will PC by Primary WG sponsor? (10 Min) (Jay Lyle)
  • TBD Patient Care DAM 2.0 Discussion Overview (30 min ?) Google Document
  • TBD Stephen discussion on  SDoH (20 Min) (Stephen Chu) Google Document 
  • TBD Other


  • PSS - Podiatry Wound Assessment FHIR Profiles  proposed Balloting in Jan - Will PC by Primary WG sponsor? 
    • Susan Matney presenting Skin and Wound PSS
    • This is picking up where CIMI left off who developed the model.  CIMI can not sponsor projects, CIMI seeks PC as sponsor. This is a Podiatry project.  Concern that this is late request and rushed (Stephen).  
    • Scope hasn't changed since list PSS, used at Connectathon. There is international interest though starting as US based. The logical model has already been developed. Intent is to extend content (Value Set) to cover lower extremities. Plan to ballot in January.  Profiles are done, need to tweak based on Connectathon and Package the content. 
    • Laura Heerman Motions: Patient Care will sponsor, change Patient Care to be the primary sponsor and CICS is Co-Sponsor
    • Friendly amendment.  Skin and Wound Assessment will be added to name
      • Jay Lyle seconds motion 
      • No Questions 
      • No objections 
      • No abstain
      • 10 affirmative votes 
      • Motion passes
  • Susan Matney, question raised as to whether PC would take on/review Pain Assessment PSS
    • No, this needs to be posted prior. Suggest Susan get on scheduled co-chair agenda, send PSS link and get on the next Co-Chair Call. Next call is June 10th. 
  • Patient Care DAM 2.0 Discussion (30 min ?) Google Document
  • TBD Other


  • .0
    • Overview of Care Plan WGM Thursday Q1 
    • Received Pharmacy update - minimal update
    • Nutrition - No change, still working on care plan
    • Podiatry not present for update 
    • Quick overview of SDoH 
    • Lisa Nelson Presented overview of Gravity Project
    • Overview of care planning track at FHIR Connectathon. 
    • Notes are available. 
    • Q - SC - do we know of any current use of CP DAM 1.0
      • A - People still use CP DAM 1.0 as a reference /approach.  Its more of a reference than an implementation guide. its important to keep it current and relevant. This makes the case for a degree of urgency to complete. 
    • Q - How to review a CP without adding to provider burden, became a substantial discussion.  
      • Q is it the technology or the content that is a burden
      • A its the process and workflow aspect that becomes perceived burden. 
  • SDoH Google Document 
    • Quick Review of Document (Stephen presenting). 
    • Stephen has reorganized sections and responded to Russ input on no consistent industry agreement on what SDoH. 
    • More recent references added 
    • Highlight why we are doing this work. 
    • Clarifying social determinants of health versus determinants of health. 
    • Stephen requests input on Frame Work bullet list for content. 
    • From that list on to appendix requires detailed review and input.