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The CARIN Alliance

The CARIN Alliance is a non-partisan, multi-sector alliance co-founded by David Blumenthal, David Brailer, Aneesh Chopra, and Mike Leavitt. The Alliance is led by distinguished risk-bearing providers, payers, consumers, pharmaceutical companies, consumer platform companies, health IT companies, and consumer-advocates who are working collaboratively with other stakeholders in government to overcome barriers in advancing consumer-directed exchange across the U.S.

Our Vision

Our vision is to rapidly advance the ability for consumers and their authorized caregivers to easily get, use, and share their digital health information when, where, and how they want to achieve their goals. Specifically, we are promoting the ability for consumers and their authorized caregivers to gain digital access to their health information via non-proprietary application programming interfaces or APIs. We envision a future where any consumer can choose any application to retrieve both their complete health record and their complete coverage information from any provider or plan in the country.

What is Consumer-Directed Exchange?

Consumer-directed exchange occurs when a consumer or an authorized caregiver invokes their HIPAA Individual Right of Access (45 CFR § 164.524) and requests their digital health information from a HIPAA covered entity (CE) via an application or other third-party data steward.

Health Plan Workgroup Mission

Focus: Develop a consumer payer data set (similar to Blue Button 2.0) and corresponding implementation guide for the set of resources that payers can display to consumers via a FHIR API

Work in Development: The workgroup has set a goal to have the first draft of the CARIN Consumer Payer Data Set available for public release and input in December 2018.


David Brailer

Managing Partner & CEO Health Evolution Partners, a healthcare investment firm that supports rapidly growing and innovative companies in the health care industry.

Former National Coordinator for Health IT: 2004-2008

Aneesh Chopra

President of NavHealth, a member-driven company that harnesses open health data to provide insights and workflow for population health organizations.

Former U.S. Chief Technology Officer at the White House: 2009-2012

Mike Leavitt

Founder and chairman of Leavitt Partners where he helps clients navigate the future as they transition to new and better models of care.

Former Secretary of Health and Human Services: 2005-2009
Former Governor of Utah: 1993-2003

David Blumenthal

President of The Commonwealth Fund, a national philanthropy engaged in independent research on health and social policy issues.

Former National Coordinator for Health IT: 2009-2011

Our Team

Ryan Howells

Principal at Leavitt Partners


David Lee

Director at Leavitt Partners


Mark Roberts

Associate at Leavitt Partners


To learn more about CARIN, or explore opportunities to participate in our activities, please contact us.

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