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Four sub-communities  - Authoring (Clinical colleges ), Provider adopters, Software Vendors, Methodologists. BPM+ meeting planned in conjunction with Sydney HL7 meeting. JPMM, Redhat have runtime capability to implement standards based BPM+ guidelines. 100 guidelines already developed (O+G, ED). Process is improving the guidelines by using in simulations.

CDS Hooks - Isaac Vetter

CDS Hooks update:

The primary topics are:

  1. CDS Hooks Connectathon report-out
  2. 2019 Argonaut project is working on the PAMA use-case and creating the related SMART Web Messaging
  3. A lot of work continues to go into
  4. CDS has approved an STU Update to add the patient-view hook on
  5. Planning a potential CDS Hooks 1.1 for ballot around Sept, 2020.

Tuesday Q1 BPM+

American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecology (ACOG) as well as Emergency physicians are on-board