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GF#20483 Add Encounter.diagnoses elements to Condition 

Wed Q3a

Joint with O&O

  • Gforge 19873: Structured Doc: Talking about Document Reference in the resource Composition. SD ( Lisa Nelson)'s remark was brought forward again. Rick Geimer reminds that Category came from IHE requirements where it contained high level information.
  • Device.status has a mixed use: expressing status of resource, but also to express active, inactive, with meaning implanted or not implanted. Suggestions from O&O to modify status in general to express the semantics more clearly.
    • Option1: Explicit attributes for each element that has a status:
    • Option 2: backbone element with 2 attributes: Status and status reason. Examples: Operational status, operational status reason, logic status, logic status reason. This will be possibly extended in feature.
    • Option 3: backbone element considering 3 attributes instead of 2 with extra attribute: Value type reason
  • Also catching thoughts about Property
  • Question about the body reference site in Device. According to Eric Haas this is put in the procedure. But is there always procedure?
  • Gforge 20932 about Information recipient. This topic is now solved in an extension.