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Chaired by John Moehrke

Consent for researchDave Pyke

Consent for research in FHIR



Add Research Study to list of Actors?

DP: Can’t make it an actor because it just doesn’t fit.

Add it as a ROLE?

JM: says better as a PURPOSE.

That particular study is a PURPOSE:JM: Perhaps we should request M&M assistance.

GG: A research Study doesn’t seem to be a good purpose. Could Research IT be a SECURITY ROLE TYPE? Plaing the role of RESEARCH STUDY?

ATTRIBUTE: this particular study

SCOPE ELEMENT?: Research (JP: we have 4 scopes. Research, Treatment, ___, Advance Directives)

JM: talked about CARE PLAN…which breaks out into CARE TEAM. Perhaps RESEARCH could have a RESEARCH TEAM. Only one actor linked to Research. RESEARCH PRINICIPAL INVESTIGATOR (a practitioner) ….doesn’t seem to be a way to list the other participants. (e.g., sponsoring organization, or other persons involved)

OPTIONS: Options: Discuss with M&M about adding codes like actors; create an element called ResearchStudy, create a special case of CareTeam, or create a security role type for Research Study. 

(1) talk to M&M for suggestions about adding

(2) Create another element called RESEARCH STUDY specifically pointing toward research

(3) Talk to Patient Care / E.H.R: or both re: creating a RESEARCH TEAM (e.g., SPECIAL CASE PATIENT CARE TEAM like to Research Study.)


David Pyke 


ISSUE: Do we break out sourceAttachment and sourceReference into their own elements


Move sourceReference and sourceAttachment to the root and source8x) and make .sourceReference 0..*

Motion: Kathleen/Grahame Grieve second 

VOTE:  29-0-1, Motion Approved

Security FHIR ConsiderationsJohn

Security FHIR Considerations


20631 Security+evaluation+of+special+Update+handling+of+security+tags (John Moehrke) 
20758 Provenance+mention+of+use+in+relevantHistory (John Moehrke) 

18294 How+should+provenance+be+migrated%3F (Lloyd McKenzie) 

Line Items

GF#22104: Provenance.activity needs ISO 21089 vocabulary

GF#22103: Need Clarity on use to support findable

GF#21646: Need Provenance.activity query parameter posted by john.moehrke

GF#18294 motion proposed John M, seconded Trish, approved 28:2:0 

Minutes for all FHIR considerations were captured on gForge.


Chaired by Trish

Security WG Housekeeping

Review Governance, WG Health, Project Management, and post-WGM topics

Review of Infrastructure Steering Division WG Health Report:

  • Mission and Chartered amended. Motion to approve John, seconded by Alex, approved 4:0:0. Trish to post to confluence.
  • SWOT amended. Motion to approve John, seconded by Alex, approved 4:0:0
  • 3-Year Plan. 2018 version reaffirmed -  Motion to approve John, seconded by Alex, approved 4:0:0
    • Trish to update format and post to confluence.

Approve PSAF Provenance Sept NIB - deferred to next teleconference

Update on publication S&P DAM from Alex. Some editing is required and only a PDF copy is available, hence the delay. Alex will edit and resubmit. 

Update M&C and SWOT

Align 3 Year Plan with Project Insight Security Projects.

  • Minutes - Trish to advise CO-chairs when housekeeping tasks completed, and others can update minutes.
  • Room requests - Completed (Trish 08/05/2019)
  • Interim and WGM-next meetings: Patient Care for Security Labeling and inclusion of security/privacy in PC DAMs per discussions with Emma Jones
  • Interim Conference Call set up

All items for housekeeping completed in Q2.