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A project page was created to support this: Encounter, Condition, Procedure, Diagnosis...

The WGs discussed joint sessions. Although it seems that they should continue, the WGs considered using 2 quarters. Proposal to use Wed Q1 and Q2 for next WGM.


Cooper moves to co sponsor the gender Harmony project PSS. Irma seconds.

Discussion: None

Vote: 4/0/0

Reviewing GF items:

  • GF#17519: Adding name to encounter
    The workgroup discussed if Encounter.Type would fit their usecases. The description is entered manually according to their usecases. This seems to be out of the 80% usage and therefoor the WG suggests to use an extension for that.
    Irma moved to be nn persuasive, Cooper seconds.
    Discussion: none
    Vote 3/0/0

Wednesday Q4