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mCODE presentation (May Terry)

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FHIR & IG summary

Clem: Allelic Frequency UCUM unit, is it % or a fraction?
Patrick: I've only seen fractions
Alex: DBsnp uses fraction

  •  Patrick Werneradd Tracker Item to remove fixed value "%" from Allelic Frequency unit.

Discussion about proposed example in new LOINC Term "Coordinate System", verified and corrected example.

IG differential

Jamie: How to do changelogs? Is there a best practice?
Llloyd: manually curated changelog is the way to go. Automatic 

Clem: How do we improve the visibility of the IG?
Lloyd: Putting "FHIR Genomics Reporting Implementation Guid" as a name on the IG would be a good idea.

Patrick: How to transport narrative methodology information?
Llloyd: relatedArtifact would be a solution.