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May WGM review

  • jaime j : last time we recommended dispositions, but not actually vote
  • alex: prioritize tracker items that people are actually here in person
  • jamie j: of the rest of the non-ballot gforge issues, prioritize those that should be addressed before publication
  • patrick: liked that we made decisions about ballot items
  • jaime j: agrees

CG business

  • Co-chair election
    • Patrick Werner current interim
    • new rules around co-chair election
      • aligned with other elections
      • Nominations shall be accepted from May 1 through June 15 of each year.
      • Elections shall occur from July 1 through July 30 of each year.
      • Runoff elections, if necessary, shall occur from August 7 through August 21 of each year.
      • election results announced in September WGM 
      • Starts in 2020
      • e.g., Co-chair terms for Bob Milius and Gil Alterovitz end in 2020 (can be re-elected)
        • election will for both slots will be held in July 2020
        • their terms will be extended to end of 2020
        • new co-chair terms start in Jan 2021
  • Work Group Health
  • CG Reports
  • Mission & Charter
  • SWOT
  • Decision Making Process
  • Joel: question about scribe, we should have this in advance of meetings
  • Weekly calls
    • Main
      • Tue, 11am ET
    • FHIR
      • Mon, 11am ET
    • Information Modeling
      • Thu, 10am ET
      • ask Bob F to consider later in day (will this may increase participation for west coasters)
    • Traditionally, we don't have calls the week following the WGM

September WGM planning
  • Room request
  • Same schedule?
  • Potential discussion topics
    • roadmap for next version of IG(R5) 
    • adding mention of provenance and workflow to IG 
    • Comparing DAM to IG 
    • IG change log