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  • Editor - HL7 volunteers/support staff to maintain the mappings
  • Publisher - v2+, FHIR, and other venues to publish the content
  • Integration Engines - consuming mappings to pre-populate their tools
  • Other?Tooling developers writing software to automate the mapping process.


  • We will have a repository on GitHub containing sample Version 2 messages that implementers can use to test their conversion tools, along with places for people to store sample outputs from conversions of those message.  Link <TBD>
    NOTE: Every version of the base standard has sample messages that would be useful to verify some mappings, but we will want to use real world samples where possible.  Other sources might include open source testing tools and scripts (e.g., NIST ONC testing tools)
  • We anticipate scenarios will include sample messages where people can try different mappings and mapping technologies:
  • We may explore different mappings from the proposed mappings.
  • v2-to-FHIR mapping storage options, e.g., FHIR StructureDefinition, Composition, etc.
    • model
    • versioning
    • tooling
  • Maintain/edit v2-to-FHIR mappings, e.g., Individual components, Spreadsheet style, Other?
  • Publish mappings for ballot review and general access
  • FHIR based API access to mappings for:
    • FHIR tabs
    • v2+ tabs
    • other


Security and Privacy Considerations

Identify any expectations around security (e.g. will TLS, mutual-TLS, OAuth, etc. be required to participateWe will not be requiring TLS to participate.