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  1. FHIR Bulk Data Test Suite Design_v2.pdf
  2. HL7 Bulk Data 2019 Final Report.pdf
  3. FY20 Deliverable 4 - SMART_HL7 FHIR bulk data implementations_Deliverable4.pdf
    a. Publication with HL7 and ONC on implementation adoption
    b. Maintain a live-listing website of client implementations
  4. FY20 Deliverable 5 - Process for adding extensions to the standard_Deliverable5.pdf
    a. Evaluate the process for adding extensions to the standard
    b. List potentially valuable extensions to update the standard which demonstrate real world efficacy

  5. FY20 Deliverable 6 - Prototype reference server for testing bulk data import clients
    This is a proof of concept prototype implementation of the Bulk Data Import proposal, currently available at The prototype app is available online at There is also a link to it in the footer of the bulk data server’s front page at

    This is an early implementation that could serve several purposes:

    1. Proof of concept - proof that the spec is usable and can work without customizations
    2. Provide a backend that performs validations and replies according to the spec, so that developers can test their clients against it.
    3. The UI can also be used as code generator (eg.: as CURL request builder)

    It should be noted that we do not enforce file size limits for the imported files, but also do not store imported FHIR resources in our database for more than 10 minutes.
    A more generic version of the UI could be developed in the future to use against any server.