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Project: Helios Technical Advisor for HL7 FHIR Connectathons (ICF Incorporated (Michael Holck)) (COMPLETE)



  • Provide HL7 FHIR Technical support to the Helios FHIR Accelerator with the intent of advancing Accelerator projects to develop HL7 standards, increasing awareness of the Accelerator program among stakeholders including government agencies, academia, and technology vendors, working to expand participation among those stakeholders, and contributing in other ways to ensure the success of the Accelerator.
  • Provide technical advice to Helios Program Management Office by supporting the Helios Program Management Office in the design, testing, and application of HL7 FHIR to the Helios Priority Areas identified by the Helios Steering Committee.

  • Support Helios participants in FHIR Connectathons by supporting Helios Connectathon track participants in their understanding of what is possible with FHIR, what has been shown to work well in related settings and applications, and reusable components (e.g., open source reference implementations, open sample data, etc) that can be leveraged in their development and testing.

  • Support Helios track leads by working with track leads in fulfilling Connectathon duties such as updating the track page, monitoring and answering questions during the event, and summarizing lessons learned



  • Accomplish the goals set for the Helios FHIR Accelerator Aggregate Data Track at HL7’s January 2023 FHIR Connectathon:

    • Test the sharing of FHIR MeasureReport resource instances between a submitter (e.g., healthcare provider/EHR) and a recipient (e.g. PHA/STLT) to identify priority situational awareness indicators (e.g., bed counts, staffing levels, availability of supplies, and other aggregate measures).
    • Provide mission-critical situational awareness information to public health during pandemics, natural disasters, and other preparedness events.
    • Test standardized and scalable ways of providing high-quality, timely, and on-demand summary data (e.g., bed count, supply inventory, and other sentinel indicator measures) in ways that lessen the strain on both healthcare and public health.
    • Support both emergency response and ongoing monitoring needs (e.g., chronic disease indicators for community health assessments, small area analyses, etc.).
    • Assess existing DEQM and/or SANER IGs for scalable approaches that can help calculate the prioritized indicators.
    • Identify possible additions to USCDI+ (plus).

January 2023 FHIR Connectathon

May 2023 FHIR Connectathon

Project: Landscape Assessment/Gap Analysis: Public Health Standards (SME: Craig Newman of Altarum) (COMPLETE)