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Please take a moment to join the Gravity Project by filling out the form below.  Click here to check your membership status or scroll down this page below the form.

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registrationMessageThank you [] for submitting!







Google Email: (Gravity Project uses Google Groups for email messaging, and a Google-friendly account is required.)emailtruetrue

Other interested partymembershipstatustruetrue

Committed Members are those that can regularly participate in weekly project meetings and actively contribute to the development and review of project deliverables. These individuals will be expected to vote on all project deliverables.

Other Interested Party are participants who intend to follow the progress of the project as an observer and participate in project discussions. These individuals will be able to submit comments on a project deliverable but not cast a vote during a deliverable consensus voting period.




Gravity Project Membership List

Please note:  if you would like to sort this list, hover your cursor over a column header:  Name, Organization or Membership Status.  Click on this header to sort alphabetically A-Z (click again to sort Z-A).

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additionalFormAdminslynetteelliott, confluence-administrators

nameNamePlease enter a first and last name with syntax 'First Last'text(^[A-Za-z ,.'-]+$)

name:[empty]Please make sure to fill out all fields.Validation rulename


organization:[empty]Please make sure to fill out all fields.Validation ruleorganization

stateStatefalse[1=Alabama| 2=Alaska| 3=Arizona| 4=Arkansas| 5=California| 6=Colorado| 7=Connecticut| 8=Delaware| 9=Florida| 10=Georgia| 11=Hawaii| 12=Idaho| 13=Illinois| 14=Indiana| 15=Iowa| 16=Kansas| 17=Kentucky| 18=Louisiana| 19=Maine| 20=Maryland| 21=Massachusetts| 22=Michigan| 23=Minnesota| 24=Mississippi| 25=Missouri| 26=Montana| 27=Nebraska| 28=Nevada| 29=NewHampshire| 30=NewJersey| 31=NewMexico| 32=NewYork| 33=NorthCarolina| 34=NorthDakota| 35=Ohio| 36=Oklahoma| 37=Oregon| 38=Pennsylvania| 39=RhodeIsland| 40=SouthCarolina| 41=SouthDakota| 42=Tennessee| 43=Texas| 44=Utah| 45=Vermont| 46=Virginia| 47=Washington| 48=Washing D.C.| 49=WestVirginia| 50=Wisconsin| 51=Wyoming| 52=American Samoa| 53=Guam| 54=Northern Mariana Islands| 55=Puerto Rico| 56=U.S. Virgin Islands|]select

state:[empty]Please make sure to fill out all fields.Validation rulestate

countryCountryfalse[1=Afghanistan| 2=Albania| 3=Algeria| 4=Andorra| 5=Angola| 6=Antigua and Barbuda| 7=Argentina| 8=Armenia| 9=Australia| 10=Austria| 11=Azerbaijan| 12=Bahamas| 13=Bahrain| 14=Bangladesh| 15=Barbados| 16=Belarus| 17=Belgium| 18=Belize| 19=Benin| 20=Bhutan| 21=Bolivia| 22=Bosnia and Herzegovina| 23=Botswana| 24=Brazil| 25=Brunei| 26=Bulgaria| 27=Burkina Faso| 28=Burundi| 29=Côte d'Ivoire| 30=Cabo Verde| 31=Cambodia| 32=Cameroon| 33=Canada| 34=Central African Republic| 35=Chad| 36=Chile| 37=China| 38=Colombia| 39=Comoros| 40=Congo (Congo-Brazzaville)| 41=Costa Rica| 42=Croatia| 43=Cuba| 44=Cyprus| 45=Czechia (Czech Republic)| 46=Democratic Republic of the Congo| 47=Denmark| 48=Djibouti| 49=Dominica| 50=Dominican Republic| 51=Ecuador| 52=Egypt| 53=El Salvador| 54=Equatorial Guinea| 55=Eritrea| 56=Estonia| 57=Eswatini (fmr. "Swaziland")| 58=Ethiopia| 59=Fiji| 60=Finland| 61=France| 62=Gabon| 63=Gambia| 64=Georgia| 65=Germany| 66=Ghana| 67=Greece| 68=Grenada| 69=Guatemala| 70=Guinea| 71=Guinea-Bissau| 72=Guyana| 73=Haiti| 74=Holy See| 75=Honduras| 76=Hungary| 77=Iceland| 78=India| 79=Indonesia| 80=Iran| 81=Iraq| 82=Ireland| 83=Israel| 84=Italy| 85=Jamaica| 86=Japan| 87=Jordan| 88=Kazakhstan| 89=Kenya| 90=Kiribati| 91=Kuwait| 92=Kyrgyzstan| 93=Laos| 94=Latvia| 95=Lebanon| 96=Lesotho| 97=Liberia| 98=Libya| 99=Liechtenstein| 100=Lithuania| 101=Luxembourg| 102=Madagascar| 103=Malawi| 104=Malaysia| 105=Maldives| 106=Mali| 107=Malta| 108=Marshall Islands| 109=Mauritania| 110=Mauritius| 111=Mexico| 112=Micronesia| 113=Moldova| 114=Monaco| 115=Mongolia| 116=Montenegro| 117=Morocco| 118=Mozambique| 119=Myanmar (formerly Burma)| 120=Namibia| 121=Nauru| 122=Nepal| 123=Netherlands| 124=New Zealand| 125=Nicaragua| 126=Niger| 127=Nigeria| 128=North Korea| 129=North Macedonia| 130=Norway| 131=Oman| 132=Pakistan| 133=Palau| 134=Palestine State| 135=Panama| 136=Papua New Guinea| 137=Paraguay| 138=Peru| 139=Philippines| 140=Poland| 141=Portugal| 142=Qatar| 143=Romania| 144=Russia| 145=Rwanda| 146=Saint Kitts and Nevis| 147=Saint Lucia| 148=Saint Vincent and the Grenadines| 149=Samoa| 150=San Marino| 151=Sao Tome and Principe| 152=Saudi Arabia| 153=Senegal| 154=Serbia| 155=Seychelles| 156=Sierra Leone| 157=Singapore| 158=Slovakia| 159=Slovenia| 160=Solomon Islands| 161=Somalia| 162=South Africa| 163=South Korea| 164=South Sudan| 165=Spain| 166=Sri Lanka| 167=Sudan| 168=Suriname| 169=Sweden| 170=Switzerland| 171=Syria| 172=Tajikistan| 173=Tanzania| 174=Thailand| 175=Timor-Leste| 176=Togo| 177=Tonga| 178=Trinidad and Tobago| 179=Tunisia| 180=Turkey| 181=Turkmenistan| 182=Tuvalu| 183=Uganda| 184=Ukraine| 185=United Arab Emirates| 186=United Kingdom| 187=United States of America| 188=Uruguay| 189=Uzbekistan| 190=Vanuatu| 191=Venezuela| 192=Vietnam| 193=Yemen| 194=Zambia| 195=Zimbabwe] select


titlerole:[empty]Please make sure to fill out all fields.Validation ruletitlerole

emailEmailPlease enter a valid email address. text

email:[empty]Please make sure to fill out all fields.Validation ruleemail

industryIndustryfalse[1 =Federal/State/Local Agency| 2 =Health Information Exchange (HIE)/Health Information Organization (HIO)| 3 =Health IT Vendor (EHR, EMR, PHR, HIE)| 4 =Health Professional (DO, MD, DDS, RN, Tech, etc.)| 5 =Healthcare Payer/Purchaser or Payer Contractor| 6 =Licensing/Certification Organization| 7 =Provider Organization (institution/clinically based)| 8 =Research Organization| 9 =Standards Organization| 10 =Service Provider (community-based)| 11 =Service Provider Professional (community-based)| 12 =Other System IT Vendor (Community-Based IT Vendor or Other)| 13 =Other| 14 =Unknown|]select

industry:[empty]Please make sure to fill out all fields.Validation ruleindustry

membershipstatusMembership Statusfalse[1=Other Interested Party|2=Committed Member|]select

membershipstatus:[empty]Please make sure to fill out all fields.Validation rulemembershipstatus

workstreamofinterestPlease select your workstream of interestfalse[1=Technology (FHIR IG Development)|2=Terminology (SDOH Domains)|]checkbox_group

workstreamofinterest:2domaininterestShow fieldworkstreamofinteresttrue

domaininterestPlease select your area(s) of domain interestfalse[1=Food Insecurity|2=Housing Instability and Quality|3=Transportation Access|4=Financial Strain|5=Demographics|6=Social Isolation|7=Stress|8=Environmental Safety|9=Violence|]label;falseCheck all that applycheckbox_group,

reasonforinterestWhy are you interested in participating in this project? Please limit your response to 500 characters. textarea

reasonforinterest:[empty]Please make sure to fill out all fields.Validation rulereasonforinterest

trueSend Emailwebmaster@hl7.orgonCreatedThank You for Expressing Interest in Joining the Gravity Project![], , , Saravanessa.behal@emiadvisorscandelora@pocp.netcom

This is a confirmation that []  submitted a form to the Gravity Project expressing interest in joining! 

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State: [entry.state]
Title/Role: [entry.titlerole]
Industry: [entry.industry]
Membership Status: [entry.membershipstatus]
Domain of Interest: [entry.domaininterest]
Reason for Interest: [entry.reasonforinterest]

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