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Clinical input requested (if any)

  • None.

Related tracks

  • To be determined.


Redox: Benjamin Flessner / Brendan Keeler

TBX: Robert Worden

Google Cloud: Yatish Gupta/ Roman Polyanovsky

Track Orientation

System Roles

  • Editor - HL7 volunteers/support staff to maintain the mappings
  • Publisher - v2+, FHIR, and other venues to publish the content
  • Integration Engines - consuming mappings to pre-populate their tools
  • Other?


  • We will have a repository on GitHub containing sample Version 2 messages that implementers can use to test their conversion tools, along with places for people to store sample outputs from conversions of those message.  Link <TBD>
  • We anticipate scenarios will include sample messages where people can try different mappings and mapping technologies:
  • v2-to-FHIR mapping storage options, e.g., FHIR StructureDefinition, Composition, etc.
    • model
    • versioning
    • tooling
  • Maintain/edit v2-to-FHIR mappings, e.g., Individual components, Spreadsheet style, Other?
  • Publish mappings for ballot review and general access
  • FHIR based API access to mappings for:
    • FHIR tabs
    • v2+ tabs
    • other