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This is the home page for the award winning Orders & Observations Work Group.

2018 Work Group Health All-Star Award


The mission of the Orders and Observation work group is to define information exchange capabilities to support the order/scheduling and clinical event management/reporting requirements between the stakeholders in the healthcare organization regarding patients, non-patients, people, other species, or inanimate objects. These information exchanges are not limited to intra-organizational transactions, but may cross organizational boundaries. These information exchanges may involve messages, documents, services, and other HL7 constructs.

About us - Co-chairs

Hans Buitendijk MSc  (Term ends Dec 2024)
Cerner Corporation
Phone: USA +1 610-219-2087

Lorraine Constable  (Term ends Dec 2023)

HL7 Canada
Phone: CAN +1 780-951-4853

Robert Hausam MD  (Term ends Dec 2023)

Hausam Consulting LLC
Phone: USA +1 801-949-1556

Ralf Herzog (Term ends Dec 2023)
Roche Diagnostics International Ltd.
Phone: CHE +41 417992893

Ulrike (Riki) Merrick  (Term ends Dec 2024)

Vernetzt, LLC
Phone: USA +1 216-216-0052

John David Nolen MD, PhD  (Term ends Dec 2023)

Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics
Phone: USA +1 816-701-4882

Marti Velezis (Term ends Dec 2024)
Sonrisa Consulting
Phone: USA +1 301-827-7784

Jose Costa Teixeira (Term ends Dec 2024)
HL7 Belgium
Phone: BEL +32 468-215-828

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