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eDevices on FHIR project Listserv

Regular calls:

  • Devices on FHIR Wednesday 9 AM ET Personal Health Device and Point of Care Device general and administrative meetings
  • Devices on FHIR Monday 10 AM ET Point-of-Care Device implementation guide technical meetings

Web information is the same for both meetings:

Join the online meeting: (supports audio by computer)
To access audio by phone: dial-in number (US): (605) 475-4793
Access code: 399374#
International dial-in numbers:
Online meeting ID: devicesonfhir
AbbreviationStands for
DoFDevices on FHIR (Project)
IGImplementation Guide
PoCDPoint-of-Care Device (acute care monitoring or therapeutic device, for example, ventilator or physiological monitor)
PHDPersonal Health Device (personal fitness or out-of-hospital measuring device, for example, step counter, glucose meter)

2020-07-22 Wednesday DoF Agenda and Minutes

2020-06-24 Wednesday DoF Agenda and Minutes

2020-06-17 Wednesday DoF Agenda and Minutes

2020-06-10 Wednesday DoF Agenda and Minutes

2020-04-01 Weekly Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2020-03-25 Weekly Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2020-03-18 Weekly Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2020-03-04 Weekly Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2020-02-26 Meeting slot was devoted to 2020-02-26 Health Care Devices (DEV) - Review and Approve Sydney WGM Minutes. Follow link for vote

2020-02-19 Weekly Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2020-02-12 Weekly Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2020-01-29 Weekly Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2020-01-08 Weekly Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2019-12-18 Weekly Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2019-10-23 Weekly Meeting Agenda and Minutes

(2019-10-16 meeting - conflict with IHE PCD F2F - cancelled)

2019-10-09 Weekly Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2019-10-02 Weekly Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2019-09-25 Weekly Meeting Agenda and Minutes

DoF 2019-08-28 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2019-08-07 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2019-07-31 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2019-07-24 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2019-02-20 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2019-02-13 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2019-02-06 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-11-21 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-11-15 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-10-31 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-10-24 Weekly Meeting

(No meeting 2018-10-17
due to conflict w/ IHE PCD F2F)

DoF 2018-10-10 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-08-15 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-08-08 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-08-01 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-07-25 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-07-18 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-07-11 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-06-27 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-06-13 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-04-18 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-04-11 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-04-04 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-03-28 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-03-21 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-03-14 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-03-07 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-02-28 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-02-21 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-02-14 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-02-07 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-01-24 Weekly Meeting

DoF 2018-01-10 Weekly Meeting

2020-07-13 DoF PoCD Subgroup


2020-07-06 DoF PoCD Subgroup

2020-05-18 DoF PoCD Subgroup

2020-05-11 DoF PoCD Subgroup

2020-05-04 DoF PoCD Subgroup

2020-03-30 DoF PoCD Subgroup

2020-03-23 DoF PoCD Subgroup

2020-03-09 DoF PCD Subgroup

2020-03-02 DoF PCD Subgroup

2020-01-27 DoF PCD Subgoup

2019-12-16 DOF PoCD Subgroup

2019-10-21 DoF PoCD Subgroup

2019-10-14 DoF PoCD Subgroup

2019-10-07 DoF PoCD Subgroup

2019-09-30 DoF PoCD Subgroup

2019-09-23 DoF PoCD Subgroup

2019-07-29 DoF PoCD Subgroup

2019-07-08 DoF PoCD Subgroup

2019-07-01 DoF PoCD Subgroup

2019-06-24 DoF PoCD Subgroup

2019-06-17 DoF PoCD Subgroup

2019-06-03 DoF PoCD Subgroup

2018-08-13 PoCD IG Group

2018-01-08 DoF PoCD IG Team

2017-12-11 DoF IG Team Meeting

2017-12-04 DoF IG Team Meeting

2017-10-16 DoF PoCD IG Team Meeting Notes

2017-10-01 DoF PoCD group

Joint Conference calls with Orders and Observations WG

2018-07-31 OO / HCD Conf Call Device(Definition)







 2018-08-07 OO / HCD Conf Call DeviceDefinition


PoCD IG Prep for 2017-12 Ballot

PoCD IG Prep for 2018-09 Ballot

Devices on FHIR (Devices WG) Full list of 2018JAN PoCD Comments (Categorized)

Devices on FHIR PoCD IG comment list in numerical order