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  • Report from the JIC
    • Patient Summary Standards Set
      • limited involvement by HL7
      • developed prior to IPS
    • JIC in relation to IC motion
      • Questions
        • What is the role of the IC rep to the JIC vs HL7 International participation?
        • If we are going to carry on
          • how do we want to continue as the IC?
          • what kind of relationship?
          • how do we want to participate?
    • discuss further in Atlanta
  • Affiliate Agreement
    • Potential changes:
      • the right to distribute translations outside of their territory
        • to other Affiliates or other Affiliates
    • New preamble should feed into the Business Model
    • Some of this content is appropriate for welcome package
    • Consider critical changes for new version given there may be more changes as a result of Business Model discussion
  • IHIC 2019
    • Presentation from HL7 Poland
    • Oct 22-24, 2019 IHIC 2019
      • subject will likely be IPS
  • Affiliate Health
    • ADDC has done some work in thinking about how to support affiliates
    • Peter has been in contact with HL7 India, HL7 Denmark and has been trying to contact HL7 Singapore
    • Is a small country too small of a unit to be an Affiliate - should there be a grouping of small countries
  • Review of Pharmacy Work
    • Review of the need to capture implementations
    • Will create a Confluence page for Pharmacy
    • Will discuss with Grahame/Wayne to see if it can be done across the organization
  • PAC Liaison
    • no further discussion about a liaison
    • If there is anyone from IC interested, please contact the IC Co-Chairs

Action Items

  •  Melva Petersto add agenda topic for more in depth discussion of Affiliate Agreement in Atlanta
  •  Melva Peters to put Affiliate Affiliate on Confluence and distribute to IC for comment
  •  Melva Peters send out link to Confluence Page for Pharmacy resources
  •  Melva Peters to discuss with Grahame/Wayne - need to capture information about FHIR implementations across domains for the organization