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The Process Improvement Work Group will serve as the focal point within HL7 to identify, collect, track, and resolve issues pertaining to organizational process improvement, working with the CTO.  The committee will serve as an open venue allowing HL7 members to voice ideas pertaining to improvement in organizational process or policy, serving as the HL7 Steward for issues pertaining to process improvement.

The Process Improvement Work Group will maintain primary responsibility to duly consider issues raised in open, public fora; to mature those ideas into formal, actionable proposals; and to host and champion those proposals to the HL7 Technical Steering Committee and/or the HL7 Board of Directors, as appropriate.


The Process Improvement Work Group will produce several work products benefiting HL7. A manifest of process improvement suggestions will be maintained as an organizational history and to facilitate the tracking of those issues through to resolution. Process Improvement Proposals will be developed in those areas deemed appropriate based upon the committee’s consensus process identifying a recommended course of action. These proposals will often be developed in conjunction with other committees as they may have impact across the organization.

Proposals can be (but are not limited to) candidate-wording changes to the HL7 Bylaws, Governance and Operations Manual (GOM), methodology, etc. The committee will have responsibility to work with the appropriate leadership groups within HL7 to summarily address the identified issues, and will track progress of the issues throughout their life.

The Process Improvement Work Group also serves in a consultative role to educate membership in areas relative to process.

Formal Relationships With Other HL7 Groups and Leadership

The Process Improvement Work Group will have de-facto relationships with all Work Groups, Board Committees, the Technical Steering Committee, and the International Council in the normal course of researching issues, making recommendations, and issuing proposals for process improvement.  The Process Improvement Committee will work directly with the Governance and Operations Committee, the Publishing, Electronic Services and Tools (PEST), the International Council, and the CTO.

Formal Relationship With Groups Outside of HL7

There are no formal relationships to be established with groups outside of HL7 at this time, although informal relationships with organizations such as SPIN (Software Process Improvement Network) may be warranted, subject to Board Approval.

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January 20March 10, 20152020

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Recurring-Wednesday Tuesdays 3:00 PM ESTEDT

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Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270
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