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Management Minutes Approval


1426 Women’s Health Technology Coordinated Registry Network (CRN)

Tracker items

Dragon presented overview of the CRN content (IG).

Tracker item on cardinality

19720 resolved

Dragon motion

Julie seconded

Passed (18, 0,0)

Approved by general consent.

1425 CDISC Lab Semantics in FHIR

1424 Common Data Model Harmonization (CDMH) - FHIR Implementation GuideDragon presented overview of the CDMH  (IG).Approved by general consent.

1416 Exploration of FHIR resources to support of IDMP 11238/19844 Substances Standard and Technical Specification

BRIDG Model Update



FHIRTracker items

Other ItemsJohn Stamm to discuss use of IHE CRPC and BRIDG

IDE and CRPC profiles.

IHE is a transactional profile.

CRPC put together to be a content profile.

John is here to see what should be done with the profile.

Will look at BRIDG and get back to us on direction regarding CRPC / FHIR.

Adverse event CC with Patient Care on 14thHugh will send out info over the list serve.

Woody Beeler Scholarships

Co-chair vacancy

Nominations need to be in at the end of the month.

Anyone can nominate someone as co-chair.

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