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Irma Jongeneel (HL7 Netherlands)

David Hil

Elkhan Yusubov

Alex Kontur

Beth Connor

Key Upcoming Dates:

  • 2019-11: FHIR DevDays Europe 20th - 22nd
  • 2020-02: HL7 WGM Sydney!



Request for co-sponsoring PSS as part of the PACIO Project. - David Hill
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namePACIO Project Cognitive Status - Patient Care - Confluence.pdf
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namePACIO Project Functional Status - Patient Care - Confluence.pdf

David Hill presents the PSS, and asking for PA to be a co-sponsor for this project. Please follow link on top to see the PSS.

PC has asked David to adress address PA for co-sponsoring. PA centric resources are a part of this project, but it is still in PC domain. PA feels we should rather be an interested party in this project.

(Riki Merrick needed to go to another call, so we jumped to this cto her project, and then back to this project).

Beth presented the use case for USCDI "Plus PAC". 


PA to be an interested party for PACIO Project Functional Status - Brian Postlethwaite/David Hill: 7-0-0


PA to be interested party in the project for PACIO Project Cognitive Status - David Hill/Brian Postlethwaite - 8-0-0

Request for co-sponsoring PSS for DaVinci Alerts project is working on admit and discharge notifications to care  team members - Ulrike Merrick

Riki Merrick presents the PSS for DaVinci Alert project. Please see link for full information.


PA will be asked to read the spesifications specifications and give feed-back.

Motion :

PA will be the co-sponsor of this project: Brian Postlethwaite/Riki Merrick: 98-0-0.

Patient Merge/Link

  1. Implementation Guide Proposal
  2. Continue drafting the Merge operation defintion
  1. FHIR Trackers
  2. Action Items