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CPS1-10 master FOR Dec 19 2019 Call.xlsx

The files below summarize the status of the files for the Dental Functional Profile. The first file has dental comments for CPS 1-10, while the second file has the dental comments for CP 1-9 as well as the comments for AS, POP, RI, and TI (in the FM-Errata tab starting with row 1265). The Overview has not been written yet and will follow after the final draft for the other sections is reviewed and approved by the working group. Please open the files below in Excel for the best view.

CPS1-10 master AFTER Dec 19 2019 Callgz.xlsx 

MappingEHRSDentalFP_ADA1067_AFTER 01-16-2020 Call.xlsx

We had a great meeting at SCDI in Chicago and the files attached below are the approved SCDI WG 11.1 output for the HL7 Dental FP.

The HL7 Notification of Intent to Ballot Form has been filed with a requested ballot period of April 10-May 11. Dr. Andrew Casertano will populate the HL7 SPARX tool and I will write the Overview Chapter for the ballot document package that will be produced from the SPARX tool.

The progress of the HL7 Dental Functional Profile Project will be documented here. We will also communicate progress via e-mail and we may need another call to review the Overview Chapter for the Dental FP. I will schedule another call as needed. 

Thanks to your participation, we are making great progress.

I will be back in touch with the SCDI WG 11.1 members at the appropriate time. In the meantime, if you have any questions or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me via

MappingEHRSDentalFP_ADA1067_AFTER 02-18-2020 SCDI Meeting.xlsx

CPS1-10 master AFTER Feb 18 2020 SCDI Meeting.xlsx