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The Notice of Intent to Ballot (NIB) is the document needed to formally declare that your FHIR Implementation Guide will be balloted (the process by which the wider community review of the IG is gathered) in a given cycle. This is a key part of the HL7 standards process.

The NIB must be completed and submitted by a Co-Chair from the sponsoring Work Group.




Estimated time to completeLink to Related Material
1Notice of Intent to Ballot created and submittedSponsoring Work Group Co-Chair in conjunction with Project Facilitator

NIBs can only be created and submitted by a sponsoring WG co-chair

Project Scope Statement complete and approved and submitted to PMO

Project ID must be assigned by the PMO

Content of IG must be at FMM level 2 (if balloting as STU) or FMM level 5 (Normative) prior to submission of NIB

FHIR IG Proposal has been approved by the FHIR Management Group

NIB must be approved by Sponsoring Work Group before submitted

Must be submitted 9 weeks prior to the opening of the intended ballot cycle.  See HL7 Calendar for specific dates.

All HL7 Calendars

Link to NIB Instructions:

Link to NIB submission for current ballot cycle: NIB

Link to FHIR Maturity model: 

Suggestions from FMG:

  • Comment only ballot - only supported if WG has specific objectives for using comment only ballot that can not be met with less formal mechanism
  • Strongly discourage multiple comment only ballots before STU or normative
  • Artifacts can not be balloted as STU or normative unless underlying artifacts (resource value set, profile, etc) has already been or is being balloted at the same or higher level and can not be published until the underlying artifact has same or higher level
2NIB reviewed by FMGFMG Co-Chair(s)

Content must be substantially complete

IG Proposal must be approved