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PDex Team:

RoleName OrganizationEmail 
Project Lead & Implementation Guide Lead - PDexMark 
Project Lead - PDexTony
Implementation Guide SupportRick GeimerLantana
Implementation Guide SupportLloyd McKenzie
Reference Implementation LeadWill 
Program ManagerJocelyn KeeganPoint of Care
Technical DirectorDr. Viet NguyenStratametrics 
Business Process
Project ManagerDana MarcelonisPoint of Care

PDex Formulary Team

RoleName OrganizationEmail 
Implementation Guide and Reference ImplementationDave
Business Process SMEJean Duteau
Business Process SMERobert DieterleEnableCare

PDex Directory Team

RoleName OrganizationEmail 
Implementation Guide Co-LeadDaniel Chaput

Implementation Guide Co-Lead

Reference Implementation LeadMitre

Business Process SMERobert