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Quarter: Q3

Agenda Topics

  • FHIR tracker items
  • UNICOM by Julie James

Supporting Documents

Minutes/Conclusions Reached

  • Brief intro on Pharmacy FHIR resources for new folks attending the Pharm Q by John
  1. 6 Pharmacy resources in total
  2. Medication, MedicationRequest, MedicationStatement (soon to be renamed to MedicationUsage), MedicationAdministration, MedicationDispense, MedicationKnowledge (just approved by FMG)


  1. G-standard in the Netherlands
  2. CCDD in Canada
  3. RXNORM in U.S.
  4. Etc.
  • Updates/intro of IDMP UNICOM by Julie
  1. CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) project. As part of it, the framework will allow interfacing prescriptions and dispenses across countries in Europe regardless what local codes they use.
  2. SNOMED and HL7 BR&R are working on MedicinalProduct* FHIR resources to support IDMP.
  3. Rik's ppt file also has some good summary of the current state.
  4. <<IDMP wgm summary May 2019.pptx>>


  1. Q: If there is a completed MedicationRequest, should there be a MedicationStatement with a status of "taken" kind?
  2. A: It depends on what's the problem you want to resolve. If you'd like to see what medication the patient should be taking, look into MedicationRequest resource, which includes domestic orders (order placed natively inside the system) and patient reported meds; If you'd like to see what medication the patient has taken, look into MedicationStatement which describes patient's usage of meds at a given point. In another word, a completed MedicationRequest doesn't necessarily mean a taken'ish MediationStatement. It's possible the request was marked as completed from a procedural or administrative perspective. A completed MedicationAdminstration does guarantee a taken MedicationStatement.
  3. We will be talking about how to represent active medication list in FHIR in Wed Q3. Welcome to join if interested.

Action Items

  • None


Quarter: Q4