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Project facilitator (1Mandatory)Robert Dieterle, Viet Nguyen

Other interested parties and their roles

Viet Nguyen and Lloyd McKenzie (technical FHIR support)

Multi-disciplinary project team (recommended)

     Modeling facilitator

Lloyd McKenzie

     Publishing facilitator

Paul Knapp

     Vocabulary facilitator

Viet Nguyen

     Domain expert rep

Lenel James, Robert Dieterle,

     Business requirement analyst

Christol Green, Mary Kay McDaniel, Linda Michaelsen, Nick Radov, Amit Shah, Mary Lynn Bushman, Durwin Day, (Marci Maisano, Megan Soccorso- Cigna)

     Conformance facilitator (for IG projects)

Lloyd McKenzie

     Other facilitators (SOA, etc)

Implementers (2Mandatory for STU projects)

FHIR Project Note: The implementer requirement will be handled by the “balloting” project.  Therefore work groups do not fill out the above section.  However, feel free to list implementers specific to your work group’s resources if you know of any.

1) Cerner

2) Cambia


Projects must adhere to the TSC's guidelines (which were approved on 2016-04-04 and summarized in Appendix A).

A template to create a Project Page on the HL7 Wiki is available at: http

Enter the SPECIFIC URL of the HL7-MANAGED SITE where supporting project documents, deliverables, ballot reconciliation work and other project information will be kept
HTTP: // or above this link.


6.d. Project Approval Dates

Click here to go to HL7 Project Scope Statement Instructions#Appendix A for more information regarding this section.
Approvals are by simple majority vote of the approving body