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Discussion items


Vocab (Hosting)/CGIT/InM

  • V2 vocabulary issues
    • Unification of v2/v3 code system content

Summary of challenges with V2, V3, and FHIR code system distribution and challenges.

Alignment of ObservationInterpretationCodes across all three product families. Retire the family specific content and point to the aligned/harmonized content.

0078 Interpretation Codes overview in FHIRToolkit

How to align other cross product family content?


ObservationInterpretation Codes was selected as it was not trivial yet not too complex. Considering ObservationResultStatus?

How to select future cross product family content to align? What is the driver?

Wit time being a consideration, what weighting factors are there to decide the priority on what needs to be unified?

  • Determine a prioritized list, or define a straw-man process on how to build such a list?
  • Make the unification of content a PSS process driven by the work groups requiring unification?
  • Survey the community as to what they feel need to be unified? Poll co-chair list?
  • Straw-man process, data collection spot...

Once we have the process identified, we need to develop guidelines on actually how to do the work.

Action items

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