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02-27-2020: PS meeting - this document no longer needed

Appendix A

Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2018 10:47 AM
To: Dave Hamill (HL7)
Cc: Haddorff, Richard L.
Subject: ANSI/minutes/HL7 ER/GOM + PIC/DMP minutes


There are 2 references to minutes in HL7 ER, but I don’t know if they should be included in Confluence WG minutes template since they have to do with ballot reconciliation and request to publish and would not be used that frequently.  Excerpt from HL7 ER below:


02.02.07 Confirmation of Previous Ballot Reconciliation

d) The Ballot Desktop reflecting that an email has been sent to those negative voters who have verbally agreed to withdraw their negative vote. This email shall seek confirmation of the voter’s decision and allow the voter five days in which to respond. Further, the email shall indicate the date on which this verbal agreement occurred which shall be documented in the Work Group minutes for future reference. During the subsequent five-day period the negative voter may either confirm the withdrawal or state that the negative stands.

02.15 Request for Publication

Upon approval and posting of the final reconciliation package, the responsible WG shall vote to submit a Publication Request Template to the TSC Project Manager. The results of the vote shall be recorded in the WG minutes with subsequent annotation in the appropriate section of the Publication Request <HL7 Work Group making this request and date/URL of approval minutes>. Upon receipt of the Publication Request the TSC Project Manager shall include an item on the agenda of the next scheduled TSC meeting for the consideration of approval of release for publication.


The GOM has over 10 references to ‘minutes’, might want to evaluate if any of those should be included in confluence minutes template so they aren’t forgotten. If yes, who should do this?

DMP (Decision Making Practices):