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Comment: Updated milestones


Within each row, enter the explicit work product(s) / objective(s).  Indicate their target date at the right in WGM/Ballot Cycle format.  Include the project end date as the last objective (for standards projects, the end date will be the projected ANSI approval date). 

Target Date(in WGM or ballot cycle format, e.g.

‘2017 Sept WGM’ or

‘2017 Jan Ballot’)

Initial draft specification for Connectathon testing

Dec 2017

Connectathon testing

2018 January WGM

Connectathon testing

2018 May WGM

Connectathon testing

2018 Sep WGM

Submit for STU Ballot (First Ballot Cycle)

2019 May Ballot

Reconcile STU ballot

2019 May WGM

Publish STU

2019 Sept 

STU1 Period – 12 months

2019 Jun – 2020 Jun

Submit for STU2 Ballot (First Ballot Cycle)

2020 Feb Ballot

Reconcile STU2 ballot2020 Feb WGM
Publish STU22020 Jun 
STU Period – 18 12 months2020 Jun Feb 2021 Feb 2022 Jan
Submit for Normative Ballot 2022 Jan Ballot
Reconcile Normative Ballot2022 Jan   WGM
Publish Normative specification2022 May STU3 Ballot (First Ballot Cycle) - May, 2022
Reconcile STU3 ballotMay 2022 - Jan 2023
Publish STU3Feb 2023
STU PeriodFeb 2023 - Feb 2024
Submit for partial normative ballotMay 2024
Reconcile partial normative ballot May 2024- Jan 2025
 Publish partial normative  Feb, 2025
STU PeriodFeb 2025- Feb 2026
Submit for normative ballotMay 2026
Reconcile normative ballotMay 2026-Jan 2027
Publish normativeFeb 2027

Project End Date (all objectives have been met)

Note:  For PSS-Lite/Investigative Project, End date must be no more than two WGM cycles, e.g. project initiated at January WGM must complete investigation by September WGM.
2022 Sept  May 2027 WGM

3.f.   Common Names / Keywords / Aliases