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Important Dates



No Meeting



Kevin P

WGM Review

2-to-FHIR PSS - vote

Committers channel on Zulip

NIB for IG - vote

Code Systems / Value Sets



Kevin P

FHIR IG Block Vote - vote

Committers channel on Zulip

Code Systems / Value Sets



Kevin P

Tracker 19453 - Rename Sequence -> MolecularSequence

Tracker 19440 - Update to ‘stu note’ on FHIR Core profiles and artifacts

Tracker 1900 - Relax cardinality for reference.windowStart/windowEnd

Previous FHIR Core Trackers with no or inadequate resolution documented

Code Systems / Value Sets (Discussion: Patrick/Julian)

Oct 31: All R4 STU comments reconciled in gForge with votes and no “tracker issues”

Oct 28: NIBs due - IG must be “feature complete” and building in HL7’s continuous integration environment.  If not, the NIB will be refused


Bob M




Bob M


Nov 18: IG Content deadline – only QA changes after this point

Nov 18: IG Ballot reconciliation spreadsheet due - two ballot items left to reconcile


Kevin P

Topic 0: Ballot Sign Up

Topic 1: May 2018 Ballot Reconciliation Complete

Topic 2: Non-ballot tracker items still remaining

Topic 3: Code Systems / Value Sets (Discussion: Patrick/Julian - Clem/Liz)

  Nov 23: Co-Chair Nominations Close at 5:00 pm Eastern (email nominations to NOMINATIONS@HL7.ORG)


Bob M


Dec. 2: IG Final freeze deadline


Bob F

Topic 0: Ballot Sign Up

Topic 1: Jan 2019 WGM Agenda Planning

Topic 2: Non-ballot tracker items


Dec 6 - Consensus pool signup closed

Dec 7 - Ballots opened


Dec 7: Co-Chair election statements due to HQ


Bob M


 Dec 14: Deadline to post your WGM agenda on the WGM information page (WG Health metric)


Kevin P





meeting cancelled




meeting cancelled



Bob M


Jan 7 - Ballots closed

2019 January Working Group Meeting

Health Level Seven International January 2019 Working Group Meeting, San Antonio, TX

  • Location: San Antonio, TX United States
  • Start Date: January 12, 2019
  • End Date: January 18, 2019
  • Early bird discounts end December 21! 

External efforts

  • GA4GH Genomic Knowledge Standards (GKS) (leads: Bob Freimuth, Andy Yates)
  • DIGITiZe (aka National Academies)  (Grant Wood, JD Nolen)
    • Still attempting to schedule a follow-up meeting (Sandy, JD, Grant) for next steps.
    • will report to FHIR Foundation about DIGITIZe
  • ClinGen/ClinVar (Larry Babb, Bob Freimuth)
    • Internal follow-up on outcomes of the in-person modeling meeting, vetting ideas
    • Significant consideration given to GKS/VR approaches, may help drive that work
  • CDISC PGx (Dorina B.)
    • no report
  • ONC Sync for Genes (Bob Freimuth)
    • Collected example genetic test reports from each pilot site, mapping to FHIR profiles
    • Planning for Jan WGM Connectathon
      • S4G will conduct a number of tests under Scenario 10 of the CG genomics track
    • Discussion regarding VCF attachments on genetic test reports (with JD)
      • O&O discussed last week, will initiate a zulip chat thread to finalize
      • Patrick: Observation.attachment was removed in R4, will likely be back in R5
      • OO and II will have a joint call before the WGM to discuss



Subgroup  Subgroup reports


  • Patrick - will provide examples, and include search examples, takes time to develop, keep in backlog,
  • Bob D - agree, will develop examples, not mature enough to develop a formal proposal
  • defer for further analysis
  • Bob F - discuss after connectathon? during WGM?
  • Clem - wants to see a real straw man proposal
  • Bob D - working on this, plan on testing during connectathon
  • Kevin P - updated tracker with follow-up discussion, removed "ready to vote" status



Harder Trackers about Ontologies and Code Systems (from Mon CG FHIR call)





David Poloway


Use standard ontology consistent with genetics community consensus,





Not persuasive - can already use additional codings in component.code



Anchor the component "text" field and observation/other profile-constraining fields to more standardized/commonly-used ontologies in genetics, internationally used instead of LOINC that community is in consensus with (e.g. SO, SNOMED, etc). LOINC genetics terms have not been widely used in field- most recently introduced in v2- with limited adoption. Not an ontology (partial with panels)- so reasoning on knowledge would be harder if we don't use standard ontology with genetics community consensus definitions