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–         –    Hugh Glover (Co-chair)

–         Boris –   Boris Brodsky (Co-chair)

–         Ed –   Ed Helton (Co-chair)

–         –  Myron Finseth (Co-chair) 

–         –  Nagesh Bashyam (Dragon)

–         –  Christi Denney

–         –  Julie Evans

–         –  Bill Friggle

–         –  Nagesh Bashyam

–         Christi –   Christi Denney

–         –  Julie Evans

–         –  Bill Friggle

–         –  Norman Gregory

–         –  Catherine Hosage Norman

–         –  Andy Iverson

–         –  Gayathri Jayawardena

–         –  Jane Pollack

–         –  Abudllah Rafiqi

–         –  Robinette Renner

–         –  Wendy ver Hoef

–         –  Ulli Wagner

–         –  Mead Walker

–         –  Rachael Roan

1 Minutes Approval


Dragon walked the group through the implementation guide.  There were no significant issues raised.  He explained there are some further amendments to be made and any formal approval for publication should wait until after those are made.


3.1 FHIR Tracker Items


Please let me know of your decision or if you have any questions.

Discussion:  There was no dissent from the views expressed on the eMail thread that the IDMP related resources are subject to ongoing discussion by EMEA and the wider community and that withdrawing them would cause confusion.

3.3 From FMG - Ownership of ResearchStudy / ResearchSubject


 Can BR&R vote to approve these two resources to exist, capture the vote in the wiki on the proposals and send a note to when they've done so?

Motion to approve: Ed Helton, Julie Evans - passed with 2 abstentions

3.4 ResearchStudy / ResearchSubject

  • Lloyd suggested moving maturity level from 0 to 2
  • The semantics of StudySite

Hugh explained that Cecil Lynch had provided an email with a confirmation that Accenture do use the two resources but without giving much detail.  Hugh also explained that moving to maturity level 2 did not prevent further major changes to the resources should it be necessary.

Motion to move to maturity level 2: Julie Evans, Catherine Hosage Norman - unanimous

3.5 Connectathon Planning

topics: Scenario 4 - Schedule of events – not making progress so far

In discussion there was more appetite for a Clinicians-On-FHIR event than a Connectathon.  ACTION: Hugh will progress

4. Action Item List