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  • A clinical assessment tool is an instrument or a set of measurements designed to evaluate a patient's clinical condition and/or to predict the risk(s) or prognosis.
  • The measurement parameters/variables may be organised/presented as questionnaire, checklist, or scale.
  • Examples: 
    • Fracture Risk Assessment Tool (developed by the World Health Organisation Taskforce)
    • Standardized Mini Mental State Examination (SMMSE)
    • Barthel Index - International Resident Assessment Instrument (InterRAI)
    • C-CDA Assessment Scale Template 
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      nameC-CDA Assessment Scale Templates.pptx
    • SDC - Structure Data Capture (SCD FHIR IG)
    • FHIR Clinical Guidelines - Library Resources
    • IHE Assessment Curation and Data Collection (ACDC - new profile in progress) - Assessment instruments curation and management
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      nameIHE_PCC_Suppl_ACDC_Rev1.0_PC_April 2019-rev1.0.docx

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