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  • Vonk - .NET based FHIR Server by Firely
    • Demo servers
    • Supports STU3, R4 and the R5 pre-release
    • Functionality
      • Generic FHIR Server, for all types of resources, all search parameters, xml + json
      • Supports validation (for example: POST /Patient/$validate, with a Patient resource in the body) and many plugins.
      • This test instance runs on MongoDB and therefore can do batch but not transaction. (Transactions are supported on SQL Server.)
    • Download your own instance - More information - Documentation
  • - Firely's Open source test server developed by Firely, maintained by Kufu.
    • C# reference implementation, WebApi 2.0 library, Mongo DB for storage and search.
    • The service endpoint is at
    • Supports DSTU 2, STU3, R4.
    • Supports all resource types, all operations, xml + json
    • Open source: [[3]]