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  • AdverseReaction (PC) (GG: for me, whether it is a good idea to differentiate between Adverse Reactions and Allergies is an open question; LM: They're different things. Allergies can be supported by 0..* adverse reactions)
  • AllergyOrIntolerance (PC)
  • AssessmentScale (GG: why isn't this just a general observation? EK: Do we even have "general" observations? Or is that SimpleObservations? I put it here to reflect whether we might need to explicitly model some common patterns to support consistency)
  • DietOrder (OO) (was Diet) (GG: why order?)
  • HealthCondition (PC) (aka Problem)
  • ImagingReport (II)
  • Implant (is this the implanted devices or the inplant/explant procedures or both?)
  • LabOrder (OO) (GG: order/request? LM: Y)
  • LabPromise (OO) (Do we need promises here? Do we need them anywhere else? Need a more business-intuitive name) (GG: if you 200 ack a request, it's accepted?; LM: Except the lab often provides detail about exactly what it plans to do. So 200 isnt sufficient. GG: a 200 response is not an empty body....; LM: In the lab model right now, "promise" is a managable artifact with its own state machine. It can be suspended, aborted, etc.)
  • LabReport (OO) (PL: From OO's perspective, resource should be LabResult; and possibly a second resource for LabReport (possibly))
  • HealthcareActivity (PC) (covers the 'simple' administrative activities like study administrative activities, refusal to fill, most stuff that maps to Act in ClinicalStatement, etc.) (GG: oh? What kind of contents does it have? LM: Type, patient, reason, effectiveTime, etc. How else would we do this?)
  • NonSurgicalService (e.g. counselling, massage therapy, refusal to dispense?, etc.) (GG: Aggregation profile....; LM: No. This is equivalent to surgicalProcedure, but simpler. This isn't a report. This is "what was done") Covered by HealthcareActivity or Procedure
  • Questionnaire (GG: how is this different to assessment scale? EK: I was thinking about textual questionnaires here, with optional sections, multiple choices, the works)
  • RadiationAdministration (OO) (GG: why are these different to surgical procedures? LM: Surgical procedures don't have dosages, don't repeat every week for 3 weeks, then a week off; etc.)
  • SimpleObservation (OO) (was Vitals, includes things like patient notes too) (GG: not happy with either name)
  • Visit or Examination - (gb -Whatever happens when I go to my primary and he asks questions before poking and prodding me and ordering others to do vile things to me. Vitals go here, and should also cover inpatient visits while doing rounds.)
  • Procedure (PC) (surgical and otherwise)
  • Preference - In Care planning we are encountering a lot of things that can be called preferences. (They are mostly patient preferences - payor and provider have come up but they might be better characterized as recommendations, and they may be supported as request or plan.) They are very similar to Advanced Directive, which is explicitly named in Consent, but they may imply varying levels of constraint. There may be a ragged boundary here with treatments discontinued for tolerance problems and with Goal.
    • A provider or clinic recommended by a friend
    • Provider gender
    • Avoid surgery
    • Generic drugs
    • Morning appointments
    • Pain management over life extension
    • Likes & dislikes questionnaires?

Pharmacy Resources

See the linked page for a formal proposal to create the pharmacy resources.