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  • the master source for an implementation guide is in a public GitHub repository
  • editors can run their own local build and share the set of files ( is automatically produced, for convenience) with anyone they want to
  • a CI build is published so everyone can see the output - see [Auto-IG-Publisher Documentation]
  • when formal milestones are achieved, the Implementation Guide is published to the canonical web site for the IG (typically,,, or, but need not be) (See Standard FHIR Publishing Layout Pattern for additional guidance)

For IGs developed on the infrastructure, see [todo as yet] for publishing details. Non-public Implementation guides can still use the IG build, but cannot use the CI Build infrastructure

For IGs developed on the infrastructure, see the Simplifier Implementation Guide documentation for publishing details.


If you want an example of IG source, you can look in one of the following places: